Air Fryer Boiled Eggs

Makes 4-12 Prep Time 1 minutes   Cook Time 15 minutes   Rated:


WOW! We have been using the AirFryer in the test kitchen for ages now and I have to say this might be my new favourite way to cook eggs.

I often cook a big batch for potato salad, or Caesar salad or Asparagus, Green Bean and Avocado Salad or even just Easter time! They are great for a quick protein hit on a busy morning for breakfast or to take to work as an already eco friendly packaged lunch of champions.

We have an egg salad recipe on its way to you soon as well. Watch this space.

There was zero ring around the yolk, we have yet to cook a massive batch all at once, but I am sure it will still work, though cooking times may need to vary slightly. We decided to start with 4 eggs at 15 minutes. Perfection. Then thinking there would need to be more time added with more eggs, we did 10 eggs. Same time. Same perfection! Love it.

If you are not a hard boiled fan, we have the soft boiled version for you too!

Check the image below!

Air Fryer 'boiled eggs'
How do you like your eggs?

SO...move over Thermomix egg boiler (which I actually also love)! The AirFryer is in town!

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  • 4-12 eggs
  • Large ice bath



Preheat Air Fryer to 130°C for 5 minutes.


Place eggs into the Air Fryer basket in their shells and cook 15 min/130°C.


Meantime prepare a large ice bath. Loads of water in a large bowl with plenty of ice. Got it?


Use tongs to remove eggs from the AirFryer and place eggs straight into the ice bath for several minutes. Peel while still slightly warm.


Use as you wish!


For the soft yolks at the bottom of the image; Cook for 9 minutes exactly, remove, cool and serve in an egg cup as the yolk is runny.


For the next level up (firmer white, still runny yolk); Cook for 11 minutes, cool and serve in an egg cup as the yolk is runny.


Second from the top of image which are perfect for salads; Cook 13 minutes, cool and peel.


The eggs at the top of the image are cooked the full 15 minutes.

Served with

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