Caramelised White Chocolate Bark

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Makes 20 servings Rated:

Well if like the rest of Australia you have been watching MasterChef this year, you will have seen a finale attempt at Caramelised White chocolate that was part of an ice cream (now there’s an idea!! Watch this space.)…let me tell you…I have been doing this for ages in Thermomix. EASY…and impressive. If you got to attend the For Foods Sake classes or the Chic Chocolat Class you may have seen this work. Or not. I had varied success until I discovered that using the cheap and cheerful white chocolate (Cadbury’s Dream) meant it worked every time. So toss the $25K per kilo brands aside and go to your local supermarket and pick up some Dream on special…and before you know it you can be impressing the family, office, friends, lovers with this gem. Talk about ‘shoosh’!! (OH and by the way, yes this is the hero cover shot on my best selling cookbook Keeping it Simple. Are you?? Keeping it simple yet? Hope so!)

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Place chocolate and vanilla bean paste into Thermomix bowl and cook 35 min/Varoma/speed 1. Stop once or twice and scrape down sides of bowl. Don’t be afraid to keep cooking it if it does not look liquid enough. It will seize, as you might expect, but then will get past that stage and work…do it! You can. It will liquefy more as it hits the mat but if it doesn’t, return the mixture to the bowl and keep cooking.


Spread chocolate onto Silpat mat as thinly as possible and stud with pistachios and craisins. Sprinkle with salt and cinnamon. Set completely at room temperature…this will take several hours. DO NOT put into the fridge as it will cause the chocolate to bloom, and go a funny white-ish colour and lose its gloss…so let it take the time that it takes. You won’t regret it!


Break into pieces to serve.

Now what else could you sprinkle on top?? Hmmmnnn, the possibilities.

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