Honey Chai Ice Cream

Serves 20 Prep Time 15 minutes   Rated:

We love it when amazing ingredients land on our doorstep with the instruction to play and create something equally amazing...

Each and every month on the Insider Club we have a discount partner and it happens to be Prana Chai month in August 2021 so this delicious thing happened. Completely necessary of course.

The creation of Prana Chai is very interesting, go and have a read HERE. Handmade daily in Melbourne, it is sticky with honey, fragrant with spices and even if you don't like tea, (hands up) it is so aromatic that you will want to give it a go!

(The ice cream is ah-mazing and next level!!)

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Place the chai mix and 300g cream into the Thermomix bowl and warm 10 min/70°C/speed 1. Leave to infuse for at least 1 hour before straining out solids.


Place honey, sugar, yolks, egg, milk, salt and vanilla into the Thermomix bowl and cook 10 min/80°C/speed 5.


Blend 30 sec/speed 7.


Pour into a container and cover with baking paper, pushed down so it's touching the custard. Set aside until cool.


Combine the chai cream, custard and remaining 300g cream in the Thermomix 10 sec/speed 3.


Churn in Ice Cream churner until suitably frozen following manufacturer instructions.


If you don't have an ice cream churner, freeze in ice cube trays, re-blend half a bowlful at a time until well aerated and fluffy, with the aid of a spatula. You can either serve as soft serve at this point, or return to the freezer until use.

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