Old Fashioned Coconut Ice

Serves 20
by Tenina Holder

I have a LOT of cookbooks made for me by my mother and they are all great recipes. Such a legacy of good old fashioned recipes and I rarely look at them...anyway, I kept seeing a raw version of coconut ice pop up here and there and I was going to do that. But I remember with such fondness the beautiful pink and white confection of my childhood that I decided to go the original route, and just ‘healthy’ it up a notch. Here it is...still not good for you in one big slab, but just limit yourself to a square a day. Delightful and nostalgic, all in the same mouthful!




Place coconut oil and vanilla bean paste into TM bowl and melt 2 min/37℃/speed 1.


Add remaining ingredients except beetroot powder and mix 30 sec/speed 8.


Put a couple of strips of baking paper into a loaf tin with straight edges, with enough overhang that you can pull the whole tray of coconut ice out in one piece.


Press half the mixture into the base of the tin using the MC to smooth the surface as necessary.


Add beetroot powder into the remaining mixture in the TM bowl.


Mix through 10 sec/speed 8.


Press on top of the white mixture and refrigerate several hours until solid.


Cut into squares and store in an airtight container until service.


These make a very pretty gift, you could even use this mixture as a filling for home made Easter eggs or chocolates.

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