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I know you all have in the deep recesses of either your mind or your kitchen shelf, a recipe that you would love to be making in your Thermomix…am I right? But for one reason or another, you have never attempted it; Too hard to convert, not sure how to convert, it might not taste the same….you think maybe it cannot be done in the Thermomix….the list of reasons is endless. I personally have a couple of laden bookshelves with recipe books all dying for a 'quickie'…you know, the Thermomix method to be applied to them. (I am a tad busy with other stuff….but still!)

My mother has provided me with a veritable library of individually typed recipes from her collection over the years and I truly want to get those onto here…and I know you (dear reader) have a few as well. SO: in case you have been missing the chat over on Facebook I am planning a Recipe Conversion service…on here with some Facebook commenting on the Discussion board.

The requirements are;

  • The recipe must already work…as in, taste good, be accurate in its recipe-ness as written at present.
  • The recipe must be one you have cooked yourself before with or without the help of Thermie.
  • The recipe must not include weird and wonderful ingredients from the southern most slopes of Lapland or something. In other words, achievable by the majority…
  • You must provide me with a scanned or print version original of the recipe via email ([email protected]), your name, your city and it would be nice to have a little story to go with your recipe if you have one.
  • No judgements will be passed, intentionally or unintentionally, regarding ingredients of original recipe, though some changes may take place to keep Thermomix philosophy of healthy food from a good source, from scratch etc.
  • I in return promise to uphold the laws of Thermomix recipe-ness and will endeavour to provide a timely result…I will post selected recipes onto here, and hopefully you will go and rave like lunatics over on Facebook about the wonderful, incredible, amazing, awe inspiring service that I have provided….and then tell your Thermomixer friends…who in turn may wish to put a recipe in for conversion.

SO…are we all good with that? (Comment form below!!)

As a precurser to this I have converted one of my mum's many recipes, after all, it is she who inspired me throughout my childhood with food and creativity both. I am in her debt…love you mum!

Mum's Wholemeal Potato Scones

Original Recipe

2 oz margarine (remember no judgements!!)

1 tbsp sugar

1 medium potato

2 cups wholemeal SR flour

Pinch salt

1 egg

1/2 cup milk


Boil peeled potato, and sieve. Cool.

Cream marg and sugar, add potato. Add sifted flour and salt.

Then beaten egg and milk.

Put on floured board, roll to 1/2 inch thickness. Cut with cutter.

Cook close together on greased tray. Hot oven, approx 15 mins. Serve hot, buttered. (Yay, some butter showed up!)

Tenina's Thermomix Conversion (or TTC from here on in!)

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  • 1 potato, peeled and cubed
  • 800 Grams water
  • 100 Grams wheat grain
  • 60 Grams butter
  • 1 Tablespoon sugar
  • 320 Grams SR flour
  • Pinches sea salt
  • 1 egg
  • 110 Grams milk plus a little extra for brushing



Place potato into simmering basket and pour water over. Cook for 20 min/100ºC/speed 3. Remove simmering basket and cool potato.


Preheat oven to baking setting 200ºC and line a flat baking tray with paper.


Place wheat into clean and dry Thermomix bowl and mill for 1 min/speed 10. Set aside.


Place butter and sugar into Thermomix bowl and blend for a 5 sec/speed 5.


Add remaining ingredients except including cooled potato and mix for 6 sec/speed 6.


Knead for 30 sec/Interval.


Roll dough out on well floured Silpat mat and cut into rounds using floured MC. Brush with milk, and bake for 15 minutes until golden. This is quite a sticky dough, but try to manage it without adding extra flour as this means a beautiful fluffy scone as the end result. (And don't we all want fluffy in our scone??)


Serve hot with the obligatory butter, lemon curd, jam, whipped cream or mascarpone…need I go on? Then go to the gym for penance!

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