Pandan Panna Cotta

Serves 8-10 Prep Time 2 hours   Cook Time 17 minutes   Rated:

There are so many custard based desserts in the world in many different cuisines and I want to eat them all! This is not strictly Vietnamese, but is very similar to something you may find in a fine restaurant in Vietnam. We decided to create it for the Vietnomnom cooking class coming up in May. In all my travels to Asia, pandan is one of those fragrances (much like durian) that is instantly recognisable but unlike durian, is a lovely smell.

The longer I write recipes, the more I realise I know very little. It is a learning curve that I will never tire of. I love it all. So...this is my own invention though I am sure someone somewhere out there as thought of it before. We just love the subtle green colour, the collection of vanilla bean seeds on what becomes the top of the dessert when you turn it out and the silky, wobbly texture that is characteristic of a good panna cotta. We had a little issue with our first test but that was entirely related to the treatment of the gelatine. NEVER boil it. NEVER forget to bloom it in room temperature water first. And ALWAYS blend the bloomed gelatin in a portion of hot liquid that is part of your end product. The good thing is, unless you have boiled it, you can rescue a gelatine mixture by reheating and reblending.

Anyway, have some fun, get the edible flowers if you wish, they are pretty cute. And of course, make the Lime Leaf Cookies with which we are also obsessed to accompany.

We are nothing if not a site full of custardy ebook is required perhaps?

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Place ramekins or dariole moulds onto a tray. Set aside.


Place milk, coconut milk and pandan leaves into the Thermomix bowl. Heat 10 min/70°C/speed 1. Let it cool and infuse for at least 2 hours.


Discard leaves and return strained milk mixture to the Thermomix bowl.


Bloom the gelatin well in advance of needing it. It doesn't matter if it goes into a solid lump.


Add all remaining custard ingredients to the Thermomix bowl and cook 8 min/80°C/speed 4.


Pour into ramekins. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving.


To serve, place serving dish over ramekin and quickly tip upside down, tap the base of the ramekin to help release it.

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