Sticky Date Pudding Caramel Ice Cream

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Course Only Video

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If Sticky Date Puddings are great with vanilla ice cream, then how great are they IN the ice cream. You clearly get more ice cream than Sticky Date Pudding, but that is kind of a good thing in my opinion. We tried this flavour somewhere and we all loved it, so it is.

This is how easy an inclusion recipe is to make. Taste a flavour you like at some gorgeously expensive ice cream/gelato place. Figure out if it is an inclusion or an infusion recipe. Come home and duplicate it for way less than the price of a single scoop.

Yes, you get The (entire) Whole Scoop with us! hahaha

So good. So so good.

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Pre-make the Sticky Date puddings well in advance. You will loads left over for actually eating, so make them for dessert one night and keep about 100g out of circulation! Chop these into small (large raisin size) and freeze.


Pre-make the Salted Caramel Sauce as this needs to be completely fridge cold. There is a vegan version available online as well.


Make the vanilla ice cream base of your choice and get it ready to the point of either churning or partially freezing.


Pour the ice cream mix into the churner and begin churning as per manufacturers instructions. In the last minutes of churning, (see video for instructions on this) add the frozen pieces of sticky date pudding and a drizzle of the Salted Caramel Sauce allowing the churner to incorporate for no more than a minute. Transfer into ice cream containers and into the freezer for at least 2 hours before serving...unless you just cannot wait that long.

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