Jaffa Crio Bru Antioxidant Bites

Makes 20-30 bites
by Tenina Holder

Look there is no nice way to photograph little round brown things…so I apologise in advance…but you are going to love these. Quick and easy to make, full of antioxidants, sugar free and you will find the energy you never knew you had once you pop a couple of these. (Not recommended for 2 year olds…seriously!)

Thanks to Bree Gould for our updated pic. (But they’re still round brown things....hahahaha!)




Place cashews into TM bowl and blend to a paste 30 sec/speed 8.


Add remaining ingredients and blend 10 sec/speed 8.


Roll into balls using damp hands and refrigerate until serving.


Remember Crio Bru is full of slow releasing energy so these should not be eaten at night….no really…not kidding.

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