Thermomix Twisties

Makes a lot Prep Time 4 hours   Cook Time 10 hours   Rated:

I am not going to lie and say I will ever make these again. I made about 4 batches to get the recipe right and we were going to film it, but if I am completely honest, they are a pain in the neck and potentially elsewhere!

Having said that, they would be fun to make once. They taste pretty amazing. And it was a bit thrilling to have them turn out so well (eventually!) We did try deep frying them, but do not recommend it as some of them exploded without warning in the oil. Not pretty.

So give them a go if you dare. Part of our Snack Attack series for Insider Club members...what is your favourite snack you wish you could make yourself?

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Make the cheese coating well in advance of needing it.


Place both cheeses (cubed) into the Thermomix bowl and mill 10 sec/speed 10. Transfer to a small saucepan and warm over a low to medium heat until the oil starts to separate from the cheeses.


Tilt the pan and tip out as much of the oil as possible. Transfer the rest of the cheese into a bowl of iced water. The oil will float and the cheese solids will sink to the bottom. Remove the cheese solids and squeeze out any excess moisture. Finely chop and place onto a lined baking tray. Dehydrate for 4-6 hours in a 70°C oven. It won't be fully dry at this stage. Cool.


Place the dehydrated cheese, and all other coating ingredients into the Thermomix bowl and mill 20 sec/speed 10. Transfer this powder into a container until you need it. Keep it refrigerated if it is a hot day.


To make the 'twisters' weigh the flours into a bowl and add the turmeric and salt. Stir with a spoon.


Place the water into the Thermomix bowl and add about 3/4 of the flour mixture. Cook 6 min/90°C/speed 4. Cool this mixture in the bowl for at least 10 minutes.


Add the rest of the flour mix and blend 10 sec/speed 8. Knead 1 min/dough setting.


Scrape out onto a well floured bread mat, (use either cornflour or rice flour for this.)


Roll the dough into a log shape and wrap until it is completely cold.


Break into pieces and roll into irregular twister shapes. Lay these a baking tray. Drizzle generously with EVOO. Bake for 10 minutes at 160°C.


Dry the twisters in a 70°C oven until completely crisp. This may take several hours or even overnight. It depends on how large you made them.


Toss the twisters in the cheese coating and keep in an airtight container until you eat them!

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