Vanilla Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl Ice Cream

Loads Prep Time 4 hours 3 minutes   Cook Time 5 minutes   Rated:    
by Tenina Holder

We eat ice cream all year round in my house, especially when it is this good. This recipe appeared in my Top 25 Ice Cream recipe ebook which is free to IC members or you can purchase it in my store...but just join us! It's easier!

The cream cheese gives this ice cream a wonderful texture direct from the freezer. And as for the best jam ever! That swirl... I hope you enjoy it!

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Place sugar and water into Thermomix bowl and cook 5 min/100°C/speed 1.


Add vanilla and juice and blend 4 sec/speed 4. Pour into a container and chill completely.


Place cream cheese into Thermomix bowl and blend 20 sec/speed 6.


Add syrup and blend 30 sec/speed 8.


Pour into a flat tray and freeze for several hours. Cut into chunks.


Return to Thermomix bowl and chop 10 sec/speed 10.


Whip for 40-60 sec/speed 8 with the aid of a spatula.


Stir through the strawberry jam and serve immediately as soft serve or return to freezer until solid.

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