Braised Lamb Shank Ragu

Serve 6 Prep Time 20 minutes   Cook Time 4 hours   Rated:

Wait for it...shanks for tuning in!

You will love this recipe. It is set and forget which is the perfect solution for a busy household. It does its thing all day while you get on with your life. We did again use the Greenpan Power Pan but you can certainly use a slow cooker and get the same results.

Then all you have to think about is what delicious carb you will serve it with? This easily fed 6 adults. (With the addition of fettuccine pasta.)

Carb loading ideas:

Truffled Polenta

Cheesy Saged Polenta (my personal favourite for this sort of dish)

Bechamel Mash

Garlicky Chickpea Mash

Baked Pepe Saya Mash

Quick and Easy Cauliflower Puree

Easy Homemade Pasta

Egg Noodles

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter (without the brown butter bit.)

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Heat EVOO in a pan over high heat. Add lamb shanks, browning each side. Set aside.


Fry onion, fennel and garlic until browning. Transfer to the slow cooker. (If using the Power Pan, this can all be done in the same appliance.)


To the slow cooker, add tomatoes, red wine, stock, fennel seeds, rosemary, bay leaves and salt and pepper.


Add lamb shanks. Stir to combine.


Cook on high for 4 hours. You can either serve with the bone in, or completely lift the bone out of the meat. It should pull out very cleanly.


Serve with gremolata and pasta/polenta/mash as suggested above.

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