Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Serves 2
by Tenina Holder

In my crazy race that I call  life (where am I going?? No one is sure, least of all me!) I occasionally have a brilliant idea that I whip up on a whim and this is the result. One hundred percent amazing and completely simple. If you are fresh out of my Chocolate Hazelnut Spread you have two options, the 'industrious, I am a mother who doesn't feed her kids crap and so I will now make it' option. Or the equally acceptable but more guilt ridden, 'no-one has time for that thermo-shiz, I am going to the shop to get nutella' option. Either way, I am not judging you. Drink and enjoy. The health benefits of Crio Bru are legendary and I am pretty sure drinking it will counterbalance any of the other stuff. You heard it here first lovelies.

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Brew Crio Bru by placing the water and Crio Bru granules into TM bowl. Brew 10 min/90/speed 1. Blend 10 sec/speed 6. Strain through sieve into cups or insulated glasses of choice. Remove remaining Crio and solids and reserve.


Place Chocolate Hazelnut Spread into TM bowl and whip 30 sec/Butterfly/speed 4. If it is very cold you may need to whip it a little longer. Scrape down sides of bowl.


Add cream and whip 20 sec/Butterfly/speed 4 or until stiff peaks form.


Dollop mounds of cream on top of brewed chocolate and garnish with cacao crackle.


Add sugar to taste if desired.

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