Homemade Thermomix Mozzarella Cheese

Around 300g Prep Time 30 minutes   Cook Time 24 minutes   Rated:

WOW, what a lot of fun this is. You are going to feel a bit clever after making this once, twice, many times. I have made it a lot over the last few months and I will probably never buy mozzarella again. It is so simple to make and super creamy and delicious. Once you have the rennet in your fridge, you are good to go. It does need using within a week I would say, unless you keep it in the whey that you extract. This whey should be cold before you add your new cheese to it or you will lose a little volume of the cheese you just worked so hard to make!

Rennet is widely available in powder or liquid form and I used a vegan rennet which is predominantly what is in use these days. Originally rennet was a product from a young animals stomach lining, usually veal. No need for that. If you end up getting rennet tablets you will need to dissolve them in water with the citric acid for this recipe and the other cheese recipes on this site. I purchased liquid rennet which must be kept in the fridge from Weigh N Pay in Woodvale, Perth, but you can investigate cheese making supplies online and easily find a stockist. So this cheese recipe is vegetarian.

You will end up with quite a bit of whey, in fact it is impressive to me that from 2 litres of milk and a little water you basically end up with 2 litres of whey plus 300-400g mozzarella. It's a magic trick. I have written another post about Ways to use your Whey and Why! hahaha. It is full of fantastic suggestions and recipe links, and we will add to those whey uses over time as we get more into cheese making.

We have made a few recipes using the mozzarella in different impressive ways so you can really show off. I cannot whey-t to see what you do with it. Please tag me in all your efforts. Instagram and of course facebook.

Of course we have loads of recipes using mozzarella on here already and as it is so easy to make, I really think there should never be another pizza come out of your oven without some homemade mozzarella involved! Check out the following when you get the hang of it!

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Place milk into the Thermomix bowl.


Dissolve the citric acid in the water completely and add to the milk.


Warm 8 min/40°C/speed 2.


Add rennet and stir 30 sec/speed 1. Leave undisturbed with the lid on by setting the timer 10 min.


Using an offset spatula that will reach to the bottom of the Thermomix bowl, cut the set milk vertically into uniform size curds in a grid pattern.


Warm the curds 8 min/60°C/Reverse/speed 1.


Stir 5 min/Reverse/speed 1


Meanwhile place simmering basket into a jug that will hold 2 litres. Drain the Thermomix bowl into the simmering basket, catching the curds. They will look a little like a loose cottage cheese. Reserve the whey for another use in a sterilised jar with an airtight lid. (see suggestions on this recipe.) Drain the curds gently, without pushing/squeezing and return them to the Thermomix bowl.


Alternatively we ended up using a nut milk bag for this process which yields you about 50g more cheese and leaves your whey a lot more clear and easier to use in other ways.


Add salt and heat the drained curds 8 min/60°C/speed 1. They will start to stretch and get caught around the blades, but this is ok. This is the formation of the mozzarella.


When the cheese is formed into a ball (with the blade in the centre) remove the blade and release the cheese. It will come away easily. At this point you can either wrap it in a silpat mat or place it into hot water so you can shape it into whatever shape you desire. See our linked recipes and ideas on videos on this post.

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