Powdered Greens

by Tenina Holder

I am tired of reading about powdered greens…Healthy people eat un powdered greens right?? But then, there is always the possibility that to munch down an entire bag of spinach in a breakfast smoothie is just a little unreasonable…SO. In the spirit of ease and because they had great bunches of kale at my local green grocer this week, I did it. This is not a recipe so much as a suggestion and may or may not join Malt powder, Umami, and Chicken Stock powder in your pantry. All I know is that 2 enormous bunches of Kale, the tops of a head of celery and a huge bunch of Italian parsley are now in one very small jar in my pantry! Efficient? Perhaps. With merit? I think so. Good for you? Better than purchased powdered greens. Has to be right? The taste is pungent and strong, so I suggest a small tbsp added to a morning shake would do the trick…but you tell me. Great to use on a day when your intake of un-powdered greens is less than desireable…and fantastic to slip into the kids milkshake…{insert evil laugh}. How would you use powdered greens??


  • 2 Bunch curly kale, stalks and all
  • 1 bunch of celery, tops only
  • 1 Bunch italian parsley (large bunch)



Wash them all and lay on two trays lined with baking paper.


Dehydrate in cool oven, around 90-100ºC…it may take several hours, but don’t be discouraged. Keep going…and going…and going.


When they are fully dry, place into Thermo bowl, handful at a time and blitz, adding more after each amount has been reduced.


Finally when all of it is in there, blend for 1 min/speed 10.


Place into clean, dry jar and use randomly as desired or when feeling in need of a nutritional boost.

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