Fifteen Second Egg Scramble

Serves 2-10 Prep Time 2 minutes   Cook Time 1 minutes   Rated:


I have to tell you that a few years back I started to watch a Marco Pierre White video on the intricacies of scrambling eggs and about 7 minutes in I gave up. It was way too technical and I felt the anxiety rising in my throat just imagining how awful all my scrambled eggs have been in the past. I must mention I adore Marco, he is the supreme perfectionist in the kitchen and his teaching is outstanding as he is very precise...but I have now taught my husband this recipe, (nothing much to teach) and he is officially the household scrambled eggs king. (Something we all need in our kitchens as I cannot teach him anything about egg cooking and so naturally, if eggs are on the menu, it is entirely his job now!)

This no fail method has been doing us all a big eggy favour for years now. And I know this is a Thermomix recipe site generally, but why get the Thermie dirty for something that literally takes 15 seconds, plus some whisky business for a few seconds more? I love this recipe as hard crumbly scrambled eggs offend me. I don't have time for less than perfect eggs in my life and no need to watch the very long MPW video first, bless his cotton socks! These are perfect every time. Remember they keep cooking after they are out of the pan so be ready when they are!

Enjoy (and then let me know how genius you think this recipe is!!)

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Melt the butter in a shallow frying pan over a medium high heat. It should be bubbling but not burning when you add the mixture.


Whisk the cornflour and milk together before adding the eggs and seasoning. Whisk so that the mixture is even. (If you are feeding a crowd, do this part in the Thermomix at one time. Then just cook to order.)


Pour the eggs into the hot pan and DON'T TOUCH IT. When the edges are bubbling and the eggs are changing colour, turn off the heat and using a silicone spatula or similar, stir whilst you count to 15.


Get the eggs out of the pan and onto your toast quickly as they will keep cooking with the residual heat of the pan. EAT. Repeat.

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