Pandan Waffles

Serves 8 Prep Time 3 minutes   Cook Time 10 minutes   Rated:

Well we made the Pandan Extract, so we thought we better use if for something specific.

Pandan is commonly paired with coconut, mango sticky rice, and other tropical fruits in Southeast Asian cuisine. It also pairs well with vanilla, chocolate, and caramel in Western-style desserts and of course often appears in baked goods in Asian countries. The smell is quite distinctive in a good way (as opposed to the distinctive fragrance of durian). Pandan leaves themselves, can be used to add a subtle sweetness and aroma to savory dishes such as curries and stews.

We love these, they were very hard to stop eating, even though we had had a taste and approved, we managed to polish off quite a few. A waffle can be an amazing thing.

My top tips for crispy waffles are as follows;

Use a high temperature: Set your waffle iron to a high heat to ensure that the waffles cook quickly and the exterior crisps up nicely. This will also help to prevent the waffles from sticking to the iron. Go with a longer heat up time than recommended by the appliance.

Use a cooking spray: this is my least favourite tip of the day, but it is pretty vital. Releasing the waffles from both sides of the waffle iron is so important I am willing to use cooking spray...not oil, not butter. Neither of those will do the job of cooking spray. Sorry.

Don't overmix the batter: Over mixing the batter can cause the gluten in the flour to develop, resulting in tough, chewy waffles. Mix the batter just until the dry ingredients are incorporated, and then stop.

Let the batter rest: Allow the batter to rest for a few minutes before using it to make waffles. This will give the gluten time to relax and help the batter thicken up a bit, resulting in a crispier waffle.

Use a light touch: When filling the waffle iron with batter, use a light hand to avoid compressing the batter. This will help the waffles to cook more evenly and become crispy.

Keep the waffles warm: As you make each waffle, transfer it to a warm oven to keep it crispy while you finish cooking the rest. This will also prevent the waffles from getting soggy.

Enough waffling, time to get you go!

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Place all waffle ingredients into Thermomix bowl and blend 10 sec/speed 8. Scrape down sides of bowl and repeat. Allow batter to rest for around 20 minutes.


Heat waffle iron above and beyond the recommended heating as per the machine. Spray both sides of the waffle iron with cooking spray. Place approx 1⁄4-1/2 cup mixture into the middle of the waffle iron and cook until golden.


Serve with fresh berries, lashings of butter and a drizzle of maple syrup.

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