Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Choc Banana Milk!

by Tenina Holder

Phew! With a title like that you may be thinking; Is it flavour free as well?? That would have been my thought exactly…but thanks to the brilliance of Thermal blenders everywhere, the answer to that question is NO! Ever since my new found love for Horchata, I have been playing with more flavours and ideas for dairy free yet milky drinks. Not that we are an allergy ridden household or anything, but my daughter struggles with allergies, undiagnosed officially, but we all suffer when she suffers…if you catch my drift. This is a quickie, but a goodie…and a great way to get some nutrient rich, immunity boosting, Crio Bru antioxidants into your kids. And if they happen to have an allergy? Or you simply want them on less sugar? Well...I think I have most bases covered.

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Rice must be soaked for at least 12 hours.


Place rice and all liquid into Thermo bowl and blend 1 min/speed 10.


Add remaining ingredients and blend 2 min/speed 10. Consistency should be smooth, without any grainy texture.


Serve over ice.

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