Too Easy Salted Butterscotch Ice Cream

Serves 10
by Tenina Holder

I hate to say it, but this recipe is just a little too easy...too easy to make, too easy to eat in one sitting and too easy to make again. Just saying. SO, if you were a Salted Caramel ice cream addict from way back, this is a new one for you, but easier. Sorry to put you in that predicament...but you may just thank me later. (Send flowers, chocolates or postcards!) 





Place tin of condensed milk (still in the tin) into the simmering basket and insert into TM bowl. Add enough water to come almost to the rim of the tin at the top without overfilling the TM bowl.


Cook 90 min/100°C/speed 3. Cool in the bowl completely.


Drain TM bowl and dry. Remove the caramelised condensed milk from the tin and into the TM bowl. Add the salt and vanilla.


Beat 30 sec/speed 8.


Add cream to bowl and whip 20-40 sec/Butterfly/speed 4 or until stiff peaks form.


Pour into container of choice to freeze for minimum 4 hours, preferably longer.


Remove from freezer and place into the fridge 10 minutes prior to serving.

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