16 Recipe Ideas for an Easter Feast

16 Recipe Ideas for an Easter Feast

Easter is as important in the Christian calendar (if not more so) than Christmas. It is a perfect time to gather your family and enjoy good food. Here are some of my best recipes to bring to the table!

Here are some great ideas to have on your table this Easter. What more perfect time is there than to get the family around and cook some great food together. We have gathered a few of our favourite ideas for your Easter Feaster!! Now get Grandma settled with a G&T, cue the Egg hunt, and get mixing!!


Smoked Salmon Dip; Of course we all tend to go the seafood at Easter, and this delicate thing is just the ticket to get your tastebuds jumping and primed and ready for more.

Roasted Red Pepper Dip; One of Tenina’s faves, this is straight from the Pimp My Pantry Calendar from back in the day!

Curried Chickpea Fritters; These will suit the vegos in your midst. And to be honest, they are a pretty good bite for anyone.

Then there are Buffalo wings...or even the vegan version...we may love those more than the OG!


Garlic Prawns in the Thermomix; Perfect as an entree or served as a main with the Light Lemon Risotto These two recipes went pretty viral back in their day. If you are not a fan of Dinner Porridge, then the Lemon risotto should be on your hit list. And what’s not to love about Garlic Prawns???

Sweet Lip Coconut Ceviche; LOVE this recipe. LOVE it. The end.


Sweet Potato FIsherman's Pie! YUM...and we have ticked the fish thing!

Salmon Quiche (recipe free to Insider Club members)

Turmeric Galangal Fish Curry. No hurry. Just perfect curry.

Rack of Lamb with Maple Roasted Pumpkin; Perfection on a plate. This is just a delicious way to eat lamb. Any time of the year!

FOR ALL the recipes on this site, that are suitable for ALL occasions

Dessert (has to be chocolate, right?)

Chocolate Silk Tart; Tenina will take no responsibility for your addiction to this tart. Who doesn’t love a good tart? You really need to get this onto your menu.

Chocolate Cream Pie, because, why not? Chocolate, cream, lovely crust. Done.

Decadent Chocolate Truffle Cake; Gluten Free, more chocolate than is humanly possible to fit into a cake, and completely worth it. Now, where is the Killer Vanilla Ice cream???

With Coffee

Easter Chocolate Nests; How cute are these? So easy to make, a perfect project with the kids before they get all chocolated out. (Is that a thing?)

Chocolate Mint Thins; Delicious as After Dinner Mints, but perfect any time of the day (or night)!!

Strawberry and Vanilla White Chocolate Easter Eggs; We hope you have ventured into Easter Egg making.

Hot Cross Bunnies; Hop to it. These are eggsactly what you need on Good Friday. (Any Friday is a good one with these little bunnies showing up in time for morning tea!)

Easter Egg Stroopwaffles are super cute and really easy to make. Perfect with Whipped Coffee.

And of course, Easter can never be complete without a few dozen Hot Cross Buns. We have loads of stunning recipes that work to choose from. Hoppy Baking!

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