Beef Stock Conentrate

Makes 1L Prep Time 30 minutes   Cook Time 90 minutes   Rated:

After creating my permanent go-to Chicken Stock Powder, I needed a go-to beef stock recipe and, yes my lovelies, this is it. It’s pretty simple, very tasty and really helps to make the very best gravy ever. Enjoy.

Due to the salt content of this recipe it will keep for up to 6 months or longer in the fridge. Or you can freeze in ice-cube trays, and use cubes as needed.

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Umami Paste

Whole Egg Mayonnaise

ThermoMite or Thermomix Vegemite

Crunchy and Smooth Peanut Butter

Basic Curry Paste

EVOO Wholewheat Crackers with Seeds

Chai Cashew Nut Butter

Yellow Mustard

and that is just a partial list from Book two uses these new ingredients that you have created in recipes!

Hope you love this time saver once you have it in your fridge. Let me know!

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Preheat oven to 200°C.


Place gravy beef into an oven tray and toss with the cornflour.


Add onion, garlic and bay leaves and drizzle all with EVOO, then roast for 30 minutes.


Cool slightly before transferring to the Thermomix bowl with all other ingredients except salt. Cook 60 min/90°C/speed 1.


Taste the mixture to see how you feel about it. If you feel that it needs more sugar, or vinegar, this would be the point to add it. You need to taste it prior to salt going in as it is inedible by the spoonful once the salt has been added.


Add salt and blend 20 sec/speed 8.


Transfer into hot sterilised jars and cool with lids on. Keep in the fridge and use as directed in recipes or to replace liquid stock at the ratio of approximately 1–2 tablespoons to 500ml water.

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