Breakfast Rhubarb Parfait

by Tenina Holder

SO the question is; is the plural 'Parfait' or 'Parfaits'? I'm going with Parfait...its all that high school French kicking in. This is less recipe and more suggestion, though of course I highly recommend another recipe that goes with this, well, recipe!

I had some stewed rhubarb just sitting in the fridge, begging to be eaten. I knew it was going to sit there a wee while longer if I didn't tart it up, so here we go. Took me approximately 2 minutes to make four of these babies...breakfast, with much style. I AM a foodista! I am also going to make these again. Definitely.

Told you it took me 2 minutes for 4. The fastest recipe in the west. So all you Francophiles, let me know. Parfait? Parfaits? And those of you who eat; Delicious? Divine? Its all about choices really.


  • Parfait glasses or goblets
  • 500 g cold, stewed rhubarb (see note below)
  • Enough granola or muesli per serve to taste
  • 50 g greek yoghurt per glass
  • Fresh strawberries to garnish



Layer each ingredient into parfait glasses carefully, starting with rhubarb, and topping with a strawberry.


Eat within a day.

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