Cheese, Pesto and Salami Sandwiches

Makes 24 mini sandwiches Prep Time 20 minutes   Rated:

Shock! We bought the bread for these little morsels. Like a childhood throwback, soft white bread, and then we cut the crusts off. Perfect for a high tea! Which is actually what they were created for! Our Cheese High Tea, the complete recipe book for which appears in the Insider Club as one of their ebooks. You should join us for that little booklet all on it's own. It is a winner!

Definitely spend the time to make your own pesto. There is nothing better than our Hey Pesto recipe. (If I say so myself!) and definitely, definitely buy the bread. You will be glad you did. (In a rebellious sort of way!)

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  • 1 loaf of white sandwich bread
  • 80 Grams Hey Pesto Recipe
  • 12 Slices cheese of choice. We used Asiago
  • 200 Grams cream cheese room temp, so it's spreadable
  • 12 Slices salami



Prepare all ingredients. Ensuring the cream cheese is at room temperature and spreadable.


For each set of sandwiches, spread a thin layer of pesto on 2 pieces of bread. Place 1 slice of cheese on top of pesto and sandwich with the other piece of bread, pesto facing down.


Spread cream cheese on top that slice, then place a piece of salami onto the cream cheese, followed by a third piece of bread also with cream cheese on it, cream cheese facing down.


In short, the layers are; bread, pesto, cheese, pesto, bread, cream cheese, salami, cream cheese, bread.


Using a large sharp knife, (not serrated.. I found that messed up the look) cut off crusts and then cut each sandwich into quarters to create bit sized sandwiches.


To get a nice clean cut, wipe knife clean with paper towel between cuts.

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