Pistachio Ice Cream

by Tenina Holder

I know I pretty well switch between a bread recipe and an ice-cream recipe lately, (as my hips can attest) but because I missed a whole month of our summer, I am feeling downright summery on this 35oC day (95oF)! That and the chance to play with my friends DeLonghi Ice Cream churner, means that sorry folks, another ice cream recipe, making it two in a row...which surely can't be all bad right? 'An ice-cream churner?' I hear the Thermomix die hards cry. Yes...it is possible without, but I really wanted that creamy, churned gelato effect, and thank you DeLonghi, we got it! Plus green is the theme this week anyway right?? So here we have it all covered - Pistachio Ice Cream, from scratch! Apologies for my photo, it really WAS green, I'm serious...well, more 'olive' or even 'sage' I guess, but that's still green...? St. Patrick never knew the difference either I'm told!

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  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 200 Grams pistachios, shelled and blanched
  • 500 Grams milk
  • 210 Grams caster sugar
  • 3 large eggs
  • 230 Grams whipping cream
  • 1 Teaspoon almond essence



(To blanche pistachios, pour boiling water over the top, leave for 1 minute and then squeeze out of their skins…fiddly but necessary!)


Place pistachios and vanilla bean into Thermomix bowl and mill for 15 seconds on speed 10.


Add milk and blend until smooth and green! (About 2 minutes on speed 10). Add sugar and eggs and cook for 9 minutes at 90oC on speed 4.


Allow to cool until temperature registers 50oC. Remix for a few seconds just to bring together and then add cream and almond essence. Blend for 10 seconds on speed 7.


Cool completely...I mean fridge cold, then pour into churner and follow manufacturers instructions for churning.


This does benefit from being left out of the freezer for 10 minutes before serving as it is quite hard...but that is only if you manage not to eat the entire load as it finishes churning...at which point it is stunning both in flavor and texture!


Fluffy, creamy, pistachio green, the texture of gelato, the fat of ice cream...mmmmnnn, going to have start wearing elasticized waist bands on posting days real soon!

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