Raspberry Jam

by Tenina Holder

I have had a HotmixPRO for a little over a month now and been putting it through it’s paces. I have had other thermomix competitors in my test kitchen before now, and it will probably have many more, at the rate they seem to be coming into Australia at the moment, but HotmixPRO is the only one that I think can do the work of thermomix, and then some.

I am happy to report so far that I have found it is up to any challenge I have given it…including fantastic crunchy toffee…perfect in fact, I have the HotmixPRO recipe here….Amazing, and I am so wrapped! Also finding that I have more control over certain elements of my cooking. It has a no stir function as well as the ability to cook without a timer, thus bringing my Crio Bru to perfect temperature based on how cold the water/morning, is when it all goes in…and stopping just as it reaches the set temp. In fact I have made this jam twice now and on the second occasion I noticed that it registered my frozen berries at -3ºC…amazing! It was partway through the cooking sequence, so I am not sure to what temperature it will go down to, but this is why I love it. The ability to measure temperature and therefore take longer, or use less time as needed, is a fantastic feature, amongst many others. It sports a whole recipe book in the machine itself, and will prompt you through them on the digital screen.

There are several other features I have yet to road test, (no stirring, slow cooking, set ahead to cook later etc etc) but as you may be aware, I am a little busy…Thai Thai Again advanced Thermomix classes sold out in hours, and I have been frantically planning a business trip to the USA via Russia as well as just coming back from a shorter culinary Singapore trip…AND I am well underway to deliver the dessert bonanza, After Dinner Spinner, coming to a blog store near you soon…as well as breaking the back of the new BIG book...so this blog may take a back seat for while. BUT I digress. You will notice a new feature on here now. You can request information direct from HotmixPRO by filling out a form that is located at the top of the page. This is indeed because we have entered a business arrangement based on how much I love their product. But if you are die hard thermomix fans, fear not, I still use thermomix, and all recipes that are currently written for thermomix will work well in HotmixPRO, although not necessarily vice versa! SO, should you be interested in purchasing a thermal blender, you now have two options to research.

I am looking for a more universal feel to my website, my recipes and my outlook; Thermal mixing recipes for any and all appliances that are in that category…video shooting has begun, Tenina’s Test Kitchen on Youtube is alive and kicking (nearly)…so things are all cranking up a notch up around here. Hanging on for the ride; how about you?

As for this jam? PERFECT…set temperature reached…delicious….more delicious cos I did virtually nothing. Cue the toaster!

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  • 350 Grams fresh or frozen raspberries
  • 150 Grams sugar
  • 1 lemon, zest
  • 1 lemon, juice



Place all ingredients into HMP bowl and cook 107°C/speed 1 until temperature is reached.


In the meantime, sterilize 2-3 glass jars with hot water or place into 200°C oven for 10 minutes.


Decant jam into jars immedietly. seal and cool. Refrigerate until use


You can make this jam in Thermomix, just cook 10-20 min/100ºC/speed 2 or until you are happy with consistency when the jam is dropped onto a cold plate. It should set almost immediately and wrinkle a little when pushed…a lot like me really! It make take a couple of turns to get it right, I did not test it in Thermomix.

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