Passionfruit Frosty Fruits

Serves 6-8 Prep Time 3 minutes   Cook Time 8 minutes   Rated:

I grew up on Frosty Fruits which apparently are most commonly made from a mixture of pineapple, orange and passionfruit flavours. This iconic Aussie frozen 'icy pole' is so easy to tweak and make all grown up that we couldn't resist as summer comes upon us.

These are super flavourful and so simple to make. You really just need a good ice cream mould, some sticks and you are ready to freeze. Give them a couple of days in the freezer to be truly hard and then store them in airtight containers in the freezer until you dispense them at will. We suggest making a big stack to have ready for the summer season. They will keep well for up to 3 months.

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  • 100 Grams sugar
  • 100 Grams water
  • 500 Grams passionfruit puree (thawed if using frozen.)
  • a dash flavour of choice: lime juice, cinnamon, vanilla, star anise, turmeric, ginger



Place sugar and water into the Thermomix bowl and cook 8 min/100°C/ speed 1.


Remove from the bowl and chill completely.


Place the passionfruit into the Thermomix bowl.


Add syrup and flavours of choice to the Thermomix bowl and blend 6 sec/speed 5.


Pour into moulds, freeze until slushy stage and then insert sticks. Freeze until completely hard.


You could separate the seeds from the pulp if you didn't want the blended with the rest of the fruit, then add some of them back in at the end, for looks more than anything. You would need to increase the volume of the pulp if you do this.


Make it creamy by adding in some coconut cream.


Make it tropical by adding mango or pineapple pulp. (Blend it yourself before adding to the final mixture.)


Make it grownup by adding some alcohol of choice, but don't over do it or they won't freeze solid.

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