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My name is Sophia and I am a baking fanatic, food blogger and Digital Marketing consultant. I am originally from Germany and have been a passionate foodie since I was five years old. I live in London with my partner and believe in taking time to cook and bake creates a great work-life balance. I am always looking for new ways to experiment with unique and quirky ingredients to make beautifully home cooked meals with the Thermomix. I learned baking mostly from my dad who became a baker when he was sixteen. We have shared many fun memories about baking and I have developed a true passion for it. In August 2015 I finally decided to start a blog, sharing the love I have for baking and creating a platform for everyone to learn and get inspired. In my blog I write about great recipes that you can make with or without the Thermomix. I will show you tips and tricks on how to make the most of your spare time. In my recipes I write about my memories from childhood and Germany. My 90-year old grandma plays an integral part in many of my recipes. She taught me many of the traditional recipes that I still bake on a regular basis. I hope that you enjoy reading the blog and discover the wonderful world of Thermomix recipes.

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